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SAARF Medical Solutions is a fast growing company created
in order to provide innovative solutions to the HealthCare
Sector of Pakistan to match the international standards
and the laws of Pakistan.

SAARF along with its partners and associates aims to revolutionize the concept
of solutions and services in Pakistan especially its HealthCare Sector and
working on its mission day and night with tireless efforts of its assets
i.e. the team of professionals.

SAARF Medical Solutions will strive to achieve its vision and go an extra mile by means of:

  • Providing wide range of medical equipment and technological support
    to Healthcare sector of Pakistan.
  • Making sure a high customer satisfaction through solutions that fit best.
  • Utilizing wide experience and deep knowledge possessed by our team to
    achieve our mission.
  • Considering our social responsibility and contributing towards safety and bettement of the society.

To breathe a new life into an era of the most advanced and best healthcare facilities in Pakistan and to create “A Legacy of Excellence” for others to follow.

SAARF Medical Solutions is the name of a value-led team where values create a moral compass for the entire team. Our Attitudes and actions are guided by HEART.

  • Honesty is the top priority
  • Excellence is our legacy
  • Accountability at all times
  • Respect for everyone
  • Teamwork