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Deluxe – Image Acquisition and Processing Software

Brief Description

Deluxe is the software developed by GMI for the acquisition and processing of x-ray images from digital flat panel detectors and CCD camera.Deluxe can manage different generators, ensuring quick and efficient workflow with the possibility to store optimal technical parameters as a function of the examination type. The parameters can be changed by the user interface. The acquired images are then processed according to protocol-specific alogorithms.
The easy user interface, the fast processing and displaying of acquired images, the integration into a RIS-PACS system, the possibility to record emergency patients simplify daily work routine in the radiological department.


Outstanding Image Quality

  • Advance image processing algorithms with multi-frequency filters to obtain the best image quality with low dose;
  • Images are optimized through the automatic positioning of the LUT curve on the image histogram as a function of the protocol;
  • The gray window width and level can be adjusted to help diagnosis improving details display.

Image Processing:

  • Zoom;
  • Pan;
  • Cropping;
  • Rotation and Mirroring;
  • Adding Annotations and Markers to the Image;
  • Angular and Linear Measurements Cobb angle measure;
  • Preview of acquired images;
  • Accepting/Rejecting images;
  • Extraction of a single fluoroscopic image from the sequence;
  • Contemporary display of up to 16 images.