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TAU T-Plus – X-ray Mobile Units


The Tau FIR Plus is a mobile system for surgical fluoroscopy and angiographic providing a high performances, which has been obtained through an intensive Research & Development intended to realize the best operational flexibility of the system.
Pecullier features of the system are : a wide range of arm motions, a noticeable motorized column elevation up to 500 mm, the ergonomic +/- 60 degree rotating keyboard.
Great attention has been paid to C-arm design, to ensure an optimal sterilization of all equipment’s surface.
The Tau F/R Plus can be equipped with 1k x 1k CCD Camera and several image memory banks, from L.I.H. up to 120,000 images on Hard Disk. Availibility of I.I. 9″ – 12″ or flat panel.
The optional interface Dicom-Print enables the forwarding of the images to any printing station connected to the Dicom network.