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Alpha Evo – Radiology Machine

ALPHA EVO in the full digital FD configuration, makes use of the innovative digital acquisition system through dynamic FLAT PANEL, while in the digital configuration D it uses the static FLAT PANEL along with the traditional image intensifiers. Thanks to the new planning concept, ALPHA EVO allows the operator to manage the exams in both radiographic and fluoroscopic mode, as well as the latest processing techniques, such as the Stitching. The configurations of the remote controlled table ALPHA EVO series are intentionally designed to take advantage of its potentialities and to allow the operator the maximum freedom of choice of the projections considered as the most suitable to the radiological exam.


Alpha EVO is the new GMI RF system, designed according to the latest technological standards. New ergonomic design, appealing and perfectly integrated into the working environment, hospital or clinic.
The new line is the result of an aesthetic-formal stydy strict linked to materials, colors and finishes, aimed at the identification of the product and its functions.
The natural white color with steel details puts Alpha Evo in line with the present trends and at the same time it gives shape to its high technology.