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Gamma 1C Plus – Retrofit Kit

With this retrofit kit you can upgrade your analogue X-ray room to a digital one without changing the system.
14”x17” Varian flat panel fits into all the standard Bucky devices and it replaces the CR cassette.


Gamma 1 C Plus Kit ensures all the advantages of a DR system:
lower dose and more efficient workflow, but at a lower price, making the upgrade to DR affordable.

The kit is composed of :

  • digital flat panel 4336R, 4343R, 4336W
  • PC with SSD hard disk 256 G
  • 19” medical grade monitor
  • Hardware/X-ray generator interfacing
  • DELUXE acquisition software

Deluxe provides complete control of all image capture functions within the examination room, enhancing the entire workflow by delivering diagnostic images instantly, and allowing users to move X-ray images electronically to remote workstations, image archives, and printers.
Gamma 1c plus retrofit kit eliminates cassette handling, delivering outstanding image quality through:

  • ADP: Advanced Technology of image processing, which allows to improve the image contrast, to adjust the dynamic range, to increase the details and decrease the noise, delivering very high quality images.
  • Images processing with examination specific algorithms;
  • Automatic optimization of the image;
  • Short waiting time for the patient;
  • Immediate acquisition of the image
  • Dose reduction;
  • Software with module plan that supports several hardware in an easy way;
  • Full DICOM 3.0 compatibility;
  • Storage of the images even in auto archive, through the PACS net system, both single and multiple;
  • Patient CDs that include DICOM viewer;
  • Local DB.

Gamma 1 C Plus Kit includes:

Deluxe software for the acquisition and processing of X-ray images from flat panel.
Deluxe uses advanced processing algorithmic to ensure the best image quality at a low dose, including fast multi-frequencies algorithmic.

Advantages :

  • Cost saving upgrade to DR
  • Direct acquisition from digital flat panel
  • Outstanding image quality at low dose
  • Advanced image processing
  • No cassette handling for maximum efficiency
  • Efficient workflow