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Gamma 1c Plus – Digital Radiography System

Gamma 1C Plus is the new Direct Digital system GMI, designed according to state of the art multi-functional system that is characterized by easy access to the patient and extreme flexibility, as well as an excellent quality of digital images. The system uses a new typology of flat panel maintaining a constant and high quality of the images. Thanks to its peculiar frame.


Management, processing and acquisition of images:

GMI DELUXE Software provides complete control of all image capture functions, enhancing the entire workflow by delivering diagnostic images instantly, and allowing users to move X-ray images electronically to remote wor­kstations, image archives, and printers; it also has the excellent performance on image quality control such as:

  • Excellent Maintainability
  • Outstanding Image Quality
  • Shorter Patient’s Waiting Time
  • Wide Ranged Compatibility
  • Dose Reduction and control
  • Full DICOM 3.0 Compatibility.
  • Stitching Module