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Basic Instrumentarium

Already the scope of the basic instruments leaves nothing to be desired. Our main catalog offers in-depth spectrum covering a wide range of products in all areas. High precision and ergonomics allow the user to work safely and quickly.

SAARF Medical offers a complete product range for the basic and specialized instruments for medical and surgical procedures to the healthcare sector. Many years of experience in the equipment of practices and hospital departments form the basis for our extensive know-how.
The portfolio of our Base-Instruments:
  • Diagnostics, narcosis
  • Aspiration, probes
  • Scalpels, knives
  • shave
  • Tweezers
  • hemostats
  • Dressing forceps
  • Retractors and wound dressers
  • suture instruments
  • Instruments for removing bandages
  • Instruments for bone surgery
  • Instruments for micro- and neurosurgery
  • Instruments for thorax and lung surgery
  • Instruments for Intestinal Surgery
  • Instruments for urology
  • Instruments for gynecology
  • ENT instruments
  • Instruments for autopsy